Thank you for being interested in who I am and what I do!

You may know me as a software developer who owns and runs a technology training company. But I also have a passion for nature and wildlife photography. My love of the outdoors and wild critters is rooted in the heritage of being a Montanan. It's only in recent years that I discovered photography as a way of expressing what I see and how I feel when I'm out in nature.

For me, making a photograph is all about the experience of being in a place and observing the natural behavior of wildlife. I don't photograph animals that are pets or are confined to zoos or game farms, simply because they aren't my subjects of interest.

I've showcased a few of my favorite photographs on this site, and you can check out more of my work on Flickr and 500px. You can also follow my travels by subscribing to my blog.

I hope that my images and videos will inspire you to explore the natural world, wherever you may live!